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CP48 – Boyle

Date Monday, May 14th Lab Day Notes Vernier data collection Pressure – Volume data pairs Lab Calculations PV graph P vs 1/V graph What type of relationship is involved here? … Continue reading


CH46 – Changing

Dates P4 – Thursday, May 10th P5 – Friday, May 11th P7 – Friday, May 11th Recap – Ideal Gas Law Homework? Questions? New Idea – Changing Gas Conditions What … Continue reading


CP48 – Gas Recap

Date Friday, May 19th Class Business School survey Remaining class meetings Retake of test on Tuesday @ Lunch Lab Completion What were you supposed to determine? How do you prove … Continue reading


CP47 – Boyle’s Law Lab

Date Wednesday, May 17th Lab Day! Instructions posted in shared folder (Boyle’s Law) Utilizes Vernier software and equipment Students should make sure they are ready to use the program as … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors: Class 54

MVP Dates Period A: Tuesday, May 10th Period B: Tuesday, May 10th Period F: Wednesday, May 11th Lab Day Notes no need for goggles or aprons more data = better … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors: Class 53

Dates Period A: Monday, May 9th Period B: Monday, May 9th Period F: Tuesday, May 10th Gases – Introduction (activity on iPad to share with Class) List five gases that … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 04

Dates Periods B, D: Monday, January 12th Period G: Tuesday, January 13th Lab Questions what determine the number of digits that should be written? does statistical significance rise with data … Continue reading