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CH06 – Electrons



  • P4 – Thursday, September 7th
  • P5 – Thursday, September 7th
  • P6 – Friday, September 8th

Pulling Together

  • What did Dalton think the atom looked like?
  • What did Thomson know about the electron?
  • What did Thomson and Dalton agree on?
  • What did Thomsom and Rutherford agree on?
  • How did Rutherford describe the electron?

Activity – Line Spectra

  • funny glasses (look at light)
  • spectroscope (explain)
  • Spectroscope (look at light)
  • circulate among four stations
  • different tubes – different light
  • what did you see? qualities?

Quantum Theory

  • we THINK we live in a continous world
  • we actually don’t – we live in a world of levels
  • Quantization explains


  • Chapter Notes: 7.1 – 7.5 (PDF to Schoology)


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