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CP07 – Naming



  • Friday, September 8th

Periodic Table

  • Groups have names!
  • Textbook section 3.2 (Please know these)

Formula Basics

  • subscripts / coefficients
  • parentheses
  • examples (book practice below)


Naming Formulas

  • there is a naming “tree”
  • need to know and use it when assigning a name to a substance
  • periodic table is key!
  • always keep in mind: it is possible that an element is NOT using the standard charge as predicted by its location on the periodic table

Naming – Part 1: Ionic Substances

  • metal
  • non-metal
  • could be polyatomic ion
  • examples & practice


  • Wait until class on Monday to start this HW below
  • sorry for the last minute change!
  • Ch. 6 (6, 8)


  • Study for the memorization quiz
  • Yahoo! Our first quiz!
  • Q provides element name
  • Student writes symbol and valence or valences
  • Provided with PT only
  • Quick – 5 minutes only


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