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CP32 – Opening Day

Fenway Park Red Sox


  • Thursday, March 29th

Opening Day

  • Life begins on Opening Day [LINK] [LINK]

Homework Review

  • different scenarios for mixing
  • if there is a reaction – changes how to approach

Virtual Lab

  • Launch Virtual Lab
  • File –> Load Homework –> Acids and Bases –> Prelab Exercises
  • Conduct a titration using same glassware as “real” titration
  • Goal: determine the concentration of NaOH

Class Work

  • Time in class to practice the VL


  • Updated: give it a try, see how far you can get on the first of the 4 labs in the prelab section. There is no need to record anything, although it would be good practice to do so. We will be working on a specific assignment in class on Monday so be ready to use the VL.



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