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Chemistry – Class 6

Period B – Friday, September 5th Review Homework & Extend how to show your work? focus on units process – process – process More conversion practice Homework Page 120 (80 … Continue reading


Chemistry – Class 5

Period B – Wednesday, September 4th Review Lab Examples of Lab Conclusions Are these controlled experiments? New Material – Units & Measurement measurement – quantity & unit mass, temp, volume … Continue reading


Chemistry – Class 4

Period B – Tuesday, September 3rd Class Business Dropbox Folder create shared Dropbox folder will be best way to submit digital work Course Documents Course IP Course Syllabus Lab Day … Continue reading


Chemistry – Class 3

Period B – Friday, August 30th Class Business Review reading small groups big bullet points independent vs dependent variables Student Picture Names Lab plan identify the two variables in your … Continue reading


Chemistry – Class 2

Period B – Wednesday, August 28th Class Business Collect safety documents demonstrating location of safety equipment safety quiz name cards Homework Read Chapter 1 Section 3 Take the Self-Check on … Continue reading


Chemistry – Class 1

Period B – Tuesday, August 27th Class Business Digital textbook – checking in Where are documents? [LINK] Big Idea – What is this chemistry all about? Demo observe the demonstration … Continue reading


Chemistry – Class 0

Period B – Monday, August 26th Class Business Welcome Digital textbook Class web site Blackboard Big Idea – How do I survive this course? Just. Keep. Working. Don’t worry about grade … Continue reading


Analyzing AP Performance

In this post I will take a look at some performance data objectively, a topic about which I preach constantly to my students. Before doing so I must comment on … Continue reading


Oh, the joy!

Why am I a teacher? Next year marks my 25th year since the start of my teaching career, which makes it sound more impressive than all that. In fact, the … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Final Exam Administered

How It Went Down The final exam in AP Chemistry was administered over a two-day period this week. The thinking is to simulate the actual AP Chemistry exam, which takes … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: End of Days

Class 94 = Monday , April 22nd (Electrochemistry) 2007-A-3 2007-B-3 2008-A-3 2009-B-6 Class 95  = Wednesday, April 24th (Question 4) AP Question 4 Prep Reaction Types Example Problems Homework: Complete … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Class 93

Dates Period E: Friday, April 19th Period F: Friday, April 19th How does a battery operate? (PPT Presentation) redox reactions RED CAT half reactions voltages and potentials  Homework Work on … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Class 92

Dates Period E: Wednesday, April 17th Period F: Thursday, April 18th How do I solve thermodynamics problems? (examples) 2008-B-6 2009-A-5 2010-A-2 Homework Work on AP Problems (due next Wednesday) Work … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Class 91

Dates Period E: Tuesday, April 16th Period F: Tuesday, April 16th Class Business Acid-Base Exams are graded – please see me for your score (not everyone has taken the exam) … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Class 89 / Class 90

Dates Period E: Thursday, April 11th & Monday, April 15th Period F: Thursday, April 11th & Monday, April 15th Exam Monday One problem (AP style) Multiple parts, covering various aspects … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Class 88

Dates Period E: Wednesday, April 10th Period F: Wednesday, April 10th New Material – How the heck do I solve complex acid-base equilibrium problems? Acid-Base AP Problems How does a … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Class 87

Dates Period E: Monday, April 8th Period F: Tuesday, April 9th Class Business Collect MC Exams – comments? Return Exam (NOTE: exam answer key posted) Suggestion – how to support … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Practice M/C Exams

So, here we are… March 27th… about to embrace the beauty of Spring Break… one step away from the freedom that two weeks away from school provides! W00t! So that … Continue reading