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AP Chemistry – Class 13

Date – Friday, September 18th Analysis of an Alloy – Lab02 The lab is an example of quantitative analysis, where we use a precipitation reaction to determine the composition of a solid. Besides reading … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 04

Dates Tuesday, September 1st Lab Day 03 – Lab Reporting synthesize the information perform lab calculations analysis / conclusion in LNB formatting lab reports Theory absorbance transmittance Beer’s Law molar … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 03

Date Friday, August 28th Lab Day 02 – Conduct the Lab Details We are using the BioRad SmartSpec Plus (not Spec 20) Wavelength used = 630 nm Stock Solution = … Continue reading


Lab Notebook Guidelines

Please refer to updated guidelines: LINK This is an overview for using the LNB in class. Each completed lab has all parts of a formal lab report report represented in the … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 02

Date Thursday, August 27th Overview of Lab Process Lab Safety Exam (complete and upload) Lab Contract (sign and upload) Room Safety Lab Clothing Locating materials for the lab Lab Prep … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Lab Final

Overview The lab final will consist of performing and reporting on a lab conducted during the final exam period. Before the final period each student will prepare the purpose, procedure, background … Continue reading


Does Solubility Depend on Temperature?

Introduction Solubility is defined as the quantity of solute that can completely dissolve in a given amount of solvent. This can be expressed in a variety of ways (and units). … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Classes 23 / 24 / 25

Dates Thursday, February 26th, Friday, February 27th, Tuesday, March 3rd Equilibrium Lab Lab posted in Schoology Prep and conduct lab Friday in class One class group for this experiment Notes … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 35

Dates Period B: Wednesday, November 6th Periods D, G: Thursday, November 7th Lab Recap (& corrections) crystal filtration failure – not the fault of the student use provided data for … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors Class 34 – Gravimetric Analysis Lab

Purpose The purpose of this lab is to determine the percentage of metal in a solid ionic salt Setup of Materials Clean and rinse the Gooch crucible / Buchner funnel with … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 17

Dates Period B: Friday, September 26th Periods D, G: Monday, September 29th Exam Recap General trends / observations about the exam reminder about “bucket of points” individual questions? see me … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Classes 06 & 07

Date Period C: Friday, September 5th Lab Day – Let’s Get This Party Started! Dilutions  = mL Stock / mL Water (10/0, 9/1, 8/2, 7/3, 6/4, 5/5, 4/6, 3/7, 2/8, 1/9) … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 05

Date Period C: Thursday, September 4th Lab Questions What is the beginning question? How will I conduct the investigation? How will I stay safe? What observations and measurements did I make? … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 04

Date Tuesday, September 2nd Return Test & Homework general comments about grades (no tyranny of the bucket) reading question thoroughly showing work neatly Office Hours best time to ask specific … Continue reading